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Silicone Denture Case

Color: Blue

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Keep your smile safe with this versatile Silicone Denture Case

This silicone denture case comes in four beautiful pastel colors – pink, blue, purple, and green. It features holes in the bottom that allow for safe and easy rinsing of your dentures while they're still inside the case, eliminating the worry of accidental dropping and breakage. The secure snap-open and -shut closure keeps your dentures safely tucked away, while the soft but protective silicone material provides peace of mind knowing your valuable oral appliance is well-protected. This versatile case can accommodate a full denture or two smaller partial dentures, and even doubles as a convenient storage solution for aligners or mouthguards. To ensure optimal care, the case comes with a handy denture removal tool and brush. So ditch the flimsy plastic cases and upgrade to this stylish, functional, and drop-proof silicone denture case today!

Safety and Convenience:

    • Safely Rinse Your Dentures: Unique holes in the bottom allow water to flow through while inside the case, making rinsing safe and effortless. No more worries about dropping your dentures in the sink!
    • Secure Closure: The case snaps open and shut securely, ensuring your dentures remain protected when not in use.
    • Fits Your Needs: Whether you have a full denture or two small partial dentures, this case offers the perfect fit.
    • Protective Design: Crafted from soft yet durable silicone, the case absorbs shock and protects your valuable dentures from damage, even if it gets accidentally dropped.

Multi-Functional Use:

    • Aligner and Mouthguard Storage: This case doubles as a convenient storage solution for your aligners or mouthguards, keeping them clean and organized.
    • Cleaning Tools Included: The case comes with a handy denture removal tool and brush, making it a complete oral hygiene package.

Invest in your smile with this versatile and stylish silicone denture case. Order yours today!