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Smile Brighter With Denttach

Smile Brighter With Denttach

Not happy with denture glues and adhesives you’ve been buying from the chemist? Maybe you’ve been surfing the net trying to find alternatives.  

Are you ready to try something both effective and new, and readily available right here in Australia?  

Just think, no more risky purchasing from online sites overseas, then waiting for weeks for the product to arrive. Not to mention the shipping costs or the disappointment when it’s not quite the solution you imagined. Why not enjoy the peace of mind that comes with purchasing from a trusted Australian supplier like Denture Essentials.  

Denture Essentials has done the hard work for you by researching quality products not available here in Australia, bringing them to you from leading manufacturers around the world, at reasonable prices. 

Denttach is one such product, performing in ways regular denture glues and adhesives do not. While Denttach comes in a tube, the similarity with regular glues and adhesives ends there. Easily applied and comfortable to wear, Denttach lasts for up to seven days before you need to remove and reapply.  

How is Denttach different? 

Unlike regular denture glues, Denttach is a unique combination of thermoplastic material much like the soft reline your prosthetist uses to enhance a denture’s fit and comfort.  

You can forget the annoying ritual of applying glue each morning, followed by the drudgery of removing the residue every night - a convenience every glue-user dreams of. Once applied, Denttach moulds perfectly to your mouth, gums and denture, creating a strong bond to create the suction needed to hold your denture firmly in place for up to 7 days!  

Denttach is safe and zinc free, perfect for denture wearers who may have concerns about allergic reactions to the chemicals contained in some glues and adhesives.  

Be free of the ‘ouch!’ factor 

Nothing quite ruins a good meal like the agony of biting down hard just as your denture unexpectantly shifts – ouch! At some point every denture wearer has experienced this appetite killer. Denture instability is caused by a breach in the seal between the denture and your gums. 

Sore spots form in your mouth or on your gums, along with a developing hesitancy to eat any foods which may risk repeating the awful ‘ouch!’ experience. Loss of confidence in your denture results and because of it, a smaller social life than the one you deserve rapidly becomes your reality.  

But there is a happy ending

The soft pillowy surface of Denttach provides a cushion between your gums and your denture allowing for more comfortable, secure chewing no matter how vigorous. Denttach can help you manage an ill-fitting denture until you can get a new one or have the existing one adjusted by your prosthetist.  

Denttach also gives you the opportunity to extend the life of your temporary or immediate denture, until you are ready to transition to a permanent one.  

Free yourself from the despair of denture pain and insecurity and join the growing tribe of converts who choose to live big with Denttach.